WebChart EHR —
the best choice, second time around

The difference between first time buyers and those searching for a replacement system can be summed up in a single word: experience. Replacement buyers know what they want and need (and likely didn't get with their first systems). Equally important, they have a clear-cut list of things they want to avoid.

Ranked #2 by KLAS, WebChart is a preferred choice for EHR replacement for three simple reasons:

  1. Flexibility — WebChart adapts to your practice workflow, helping your clinicians stay cognitive, not clerical. Screens can be configured for each user to ensure peak productivity. Documentation options include point and click templates, dictation and document scanning.
  2. Support — WebChart support starts even before your system goes live. An experienced implementation specialist will work directly with your practice to make sure users have the hands-on training they need to use WebChart with efficiency and confidence. Help Desk assistance is available whenever you need it from our US-based support center.
  3. Total cost of ownership — Replacing an EHR can feel like adding insult to injury — absorbing the cost of the failed system and then being asked to start over again, financially and operationally. WebChart offers an affordable option — a web-based system that requires no additional hardware or software to buy and maintain. Plus, our minimally invasive approach minimizes disruption, protecting productivity throughout the transition to WebChart and beyond. Hosting, maintenance and upgrades are all included in a low monthly fee.


  • what went wrong?
  • round two: must have/avoid
  • MU status
  • terms with current vendor
  • data conversion requirements
  • workflow assessment
  • gap analysis
  • timing
  • WebChart config.
  • implementation plan
  • data conversion
  • parallel operation, testing and cutover
  • training
  • MU requirements
> configuration
> MU consulting
> training
> data conversion
> parallel ops/testing
> cutover
> refine

w e b c h a r t
m o d u l e s
a n d f u n c t i o n hyphen
a l i t y

WebChart document management is central to every system and integrates critical tools to help tame remaining paperwork:

  • high speed scanning
  • hospital rounding lists
  • insurance card scanning

The basic WebChart system comes with a set of 26 core modules and includes:

  • data hosting and security
  • extensive online documentation
  • Help Desk support
  • software upgrades
  • support and maintenance
  • triple redundant back-ups

Standard modules/functionality:

  • allergy injection management
  • allergy/intolerance notifications
  • charge capture
  • check in
  • clinical decision support
  • CPOE
  • data comparison/reconcilation tool
  • dictation
  • E&M coding
  • encounter workflow
  • ePrescribing
  • eSign
  • forms library
  • injections/immunizations
  • lab results and flowsheets
  • mass immunization management
  • medications management
  • order entry
  • outbound faxing
  • patient email reminders
  • photo capture
  • problems list
  • reporting
  • scheduling
  • tasking
  • transcription

Also included:

  • specialty templates
  • specialty workflows
  • mobile access
  • iPad/smartphone compatibility
  • meaningful use meter
  • PHR interface-ready