minimally invasive design maximizes flexibility and productivity

Our minimally invasive promise extends from your workflow to your bottom line. WebChart:

  • protects patient volumes and productivity during implementation. WebChart can be implemented incrementally, allowing you to add functionality and users at any time. Given the highest possible usability rating from CCHIT, and rated the #2 SaaS system by KLAS based on user feedback, you're assured of an EHR that boosts productivity instead of slowing you down.
  • reduces the IT expenses that threaten your bottom line. With no additional hardware or software to buy, no need for ongoing IT support, and upgrades and maintenance included in monthly physician fees, WebChart is as minimally invasive on your balance sheet as it is on your users.

The powerful WebChart platform begins with a robust clinical EHR developed to adapt easily to physician workflows in a wide variety of specialties and settings. To enable secure communication between clinicians and consumers, the WebChart portfolio also includes internet portals and personal health records. Created to deliver meaningful meaningful use, WebChart users not only attest and qualify for stimulus incentives, they receive the ongoing benefits of improved clinical outcomes, practice efficiency and financial performance.


From inception, WebChart was developed to support the spectrum of users and workflows required for effective delivery of care, with minimal disruption.

  • COGNITIVE, NOT CLERICAL — Clinicians agree: their focus is and should remain on patient care, not the administrative requirements of its delivery. Unlike EHRs that act as nothing more than a static repository, WebChart is designed with simple tools for collecting, organizing and displaying the information you need…so you're not spending hours of your day documenting the real work at hand: evaluating and treating patients.
  • ONE AND DONE — Enter information once in a patient chart and apply it as needed throughout your records — including documentation for meaningful use. WebChart’s FroozHIE data reconciliation tool displays a split screen with existing and incoming patient information side by side, allowing “on the fly” comparison, reconciliation and merging of data from different sources, including HIEs and personal health records.
  • ACCESSIBLE — Web-based WebChart can be accessed via any web-enabled device: PC or Mac, desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones using the iOS or Android platforms.
  • ADAPTABLE — Screens can be custom configured for each user’s individual preferences, providing the exact content and layout required for peak productivity. Implementation options include the ability to start small and add functionality and users at any time.
  • INTEROPERABLE — WebChart was designed, built and certified to share information throughout a complex healthcare community that includes hospitals, physicians, laboratories and diagnostic testing facilities, and — of course — patients. The system interfaces with:
    • billing and practice management systems
    • labs and pharmacies
    • other physicians, including those in different hospital systems
    • registries and state designated HIEs
    • practice-based patient portals and patient-owned personal health records
  • SIMPLE, PREDICTABLE AND AFFORDABLE — TO BUY AND TO USE — WebChart is designed to leverage basic computer operation skills, making even the office luddite effective almost immediately. Experienced WebChart Implementers assure your staff is prepared for success, and a consistent and predictable monthly per-physician fee simplifies budgeting and payment.