expertise, when and where you need it


Regardless of size, specialty or setting, your clinical operation requires consistent, reliable EHR performance, and this is an area where WebChart excels.

  • Prevention – Our fully staffed development department focuses on system-wide monitoring and innovation — preventing problems before they start.
  • ACCESS – Technical support staff provides 24/7/365 assistance from experienced WebChart technicians.
  • RESOLUTION – Problems are swiftly identified and resolved using a non-invasive, web-based remote access program. The program downloads directly without installing any components on your computer, and allows safe and secure communication between your systems and ours to enable immediate support.
  • COMMUNICATION – Our US-based support center proactively apprises you of progress and resolution, directed by a comprehensive escalation procedure.
  • COMPLIANCE – WebChart records are stored on a certified HIPAA-compliant network in secured data centers.
  • RELIABILITY – WebChart servers provide 99.99% reliability and are constantly monitored for system health and performance. The data center employs state of the art redundant failover technology, multi-pathway network connectivity, redundant power sources and off-site, co-located backup network and data replication servers.

Upgrades and New Releases

Product development is a constant process, fueled by input from WebChart users.

Release candidates are offered on a regular basis and users have the option to upgrade at that time, or elect to postpone upgrades until they have already been proven in use. During release candidate upgrades, hotfixes to any problems uncovered are our top priority.

Upgrades are done after hours and generally requires less than one hour of downtime. Releases are supported for up to six months, but users requesting support where additional coding would be necessary will be required to upgrade to a more current version of the release.

Disaster Recovery

Catastrophic events trigger a detailed response plan to keep services up and running. Private high-speed communications lines replicate live data to servers housed at a remote facility, providing access to all patent records. Redundant failover internet connectivity assures reliable uptime in the event that internet services experience outages.