building on Stage 1 success,
WebChart simplifies attestation for
Stage 2 incentives

In the short time physicians have been able to qualify for reimbursement incentives, hundreds of WebChart doctors have successfully attested and received stimulus funds. While Meaningful Use Stage 2 sets the bar slightly higher, WebChart is proacatively prepared, adding options for enhanced patient engagement alongside a comprehensive toolset for tracking and meeting MU requirements.

Meaningful Meaningful Use

Long before it was a program or an HIT catchphrase, the concept of meaningful use drove WebChart development. Today, that translates to a system that goes beyond what's required to deliver both immediate and ongoing benefits throughout clinical practice.

Onboard dashboard monitoring provides at-a-glance compliance toward MU measures, guiding in-the-moment patient interaction. Encounter documentation can include selected criteria as a final reminder, and practice summary statistics enable a detailed review — after office hours or even from home.

The practices and behaviors these tools help operationalize are the real value behind meaningful use, improving communication and improving outcomes.

Certified for What's Ahead: MU2

WebChart EHR Version 7.4 has achieved 2015 certification as a complete EHR, enabling WebChart users to meet requirements for MU2.

Expanding on the requirements from Stage 1, MU2 emphasizes electronic health information exchange between patients and their providers. “View, download and transmit,” a core MU2 objective, is fully supported through WebChart — integrating EHR, patients portals, portable personal health records and secure cc:me messaging.

Providers familiar with Stage 1 objectives will note that the threshold has been raised for Stage 2, and new objectives have been added. To demonstrate meaningful use under Stage 2 criteria:

  • eligible providers (EPs) must meet 17 core objectives and three menu objectives selected from a list of six, or a total of 20 core objectives
  • eligible hospitals and CAHs must meeting 16 core objectives and 3 menu objectives for a total of 19 core objectives

New Stage 2 core and patient access objectives ideally supported through WebChart patient engagement solutions include:

  • use secure electronic messaging to communicate with patients on relevant health information (EPs only)
  • provide patients the ability to view online, download and transmit their health information within four business days of the information being available to the EP (EPs only) or within 36 hours after discharge from the hospital (hospitals/CAHs only)

Measuring and Monitoring Made Easy:
the WebChart MU Dashboard

Successful attestation for meaningful use incentives requires precise documentation. WebChart’s meaningful use dashboard makes it easy.

The meaningful use meter provides real-time tracking for compliance with whatever measure set the practice has selected, including both meaningful use and quality measures. Measures can be changed at any time with a simple click.

The dashboard updates and reports using intuitive numerator/denominator-style graphics that track number of patients seen that qualify for each measure, and number of patients within each category that meet the required standards. If criteria are not being met in any measure, the percentage is highlighted as a visible alert.

Providers can click on any measure and automatically see every patient the calculation was based on. From here, the provider can click on individual patients to update the records for compliance. WebChart users find this feature especially helpful because it allows compliance review when the encounter is complete. Many physicians schedule time each week to review and update records from previous appointments.

On the dashboard itself, each measure provides links to compliance requirements — by behavior and percentage — and to the CMS website for detailed information.